Aaron Smith Sr. offers his expertise as a consultant for those developing their business in the sheep industry.

Shepherd Calling Card

aaron_srSome folks simply need dedicated phone time with an experienced shepherd. You can now purchase an Shepherd Calling Card ($100) to arrange for 100 minutes of Aaron’s undivided attention. Some people easily go the distance in a single phone call. Others have opted for detailed email answers to arising questions. This economical option suits many from further away who need to zero in on sheep issues.

Commercial Shepherd Consultation

Shepherds — as well farmers adding sheep to their operation — can contract with Aaron for a year-long consultation. A site visit can be arranged at additional cost, if such is desired and it suits his travel schedule. Often, a few photographs and directed questions are sufficient to introduce him properly to your flock. You will also receive detailed topic reports, customized to meet the chosen circumstances of your situation. Then, throughout the seasons, you can phone and email Aaron to answer all those nuance questions that inevitably arise.

Commercial Shepherd Consultation

[Packages start at $1200 for the first year] Includes a substantial “introductory visit” (be it by phone or in person), a comprehensive holistic management plan for the season to come, ‘What’s Ahead’ emails that outline imminent management decisions, detailed topic reports, season long availability of Aaron to ask those deeper questions, and a ‘Season Review’ to analyze lessons learned and further refine management insights. Subsequent years can be added to this package if you find ongoing mentoring with Aaron helpful. Please ask for travel cost d etails and renewal rates. Our mutual goal will always be to grow a healthy flock!

Flock Consultation

Many folks wish to have Aaron visit their farm and get experienced mentoring. Aaron will visit your flock and review your on a scheduled site visit. You’ll receive a comprehensive set of recommendations that will fit the time you envision having available for shepherding. Sound advice can make a big difference with your flock.

A Flock Consultation (starting at $600, as determined by travel distance) includes a half-day site visit, recommendations, a detailed task checklist for your farm and flock, and feedback on any questions that your personal report generates.

Breeding Stock& Other Products & Services

Aaron can also provide you with assistance finding breeding stock and other products and other products and service that you need to make your flock a success.