Our Cattle

bullOur cattle, like our sheep, are grass-based and raised as naturally as possible. No medications or additives like horomones or steroids are used on our cattle. A spray or two of fly repellent is about the only time we break this rule.

What We Strive For

The goal we have held since the beginning of our herd is to have grass-based, productive cattle that need no additional feeding to sustain them. This is exceedingly important when the time comes for our customers to buy a bull. Our bulls maintain their flesh when out on pasture with cows. They can maintain their weight on grass because the pasture is what they’ve been bred to utilize. We are very proud of this aspect of our genetics.

Aaron Sr. reflected on this aspect of agriculture once after watching a doe and her fawns in the field. “If deer can be so prolific without any help, sheep and cattle ought to be able to produce well without much help either.” Now wild deer, Dorset sheep, and Angus cattle all provide for themselves from the fields of A&B Ranch.